“I just picked up my quilt – I LOVE the quilting pattern you used and the thread and everything!”  M.

“Thank you for your lovely work.  You really did an excellent job of taking my sketchy idea and making it into a beautiful pattern.”  L.

“Hi Carrie – Thank you sooooooooo much for doing such a great job on my snowman quilt.   I absolutely LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!”  C.

“THANKS AGAIN, WOW! The quilt looks wonderful, …  You did a great job!”  G.

“I picked up the quilt today and wanted to tell you how much I loved it!”  M.

“It’s SO pretty 🙂 Thanks again & I’ll be in touch when I get moving on my next project!!” E.

“It is absolutely gorgeous! I am thrilled-can’t wait for my next one…”   S.

“I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with Lawrence’s quilt!”   J.

“Thanks! You always bring my quilts to life!”   M.

“I have to tell you my quilt is outstanding. I am so pleased I can’t even tell you!”   S.

“Making the top piece is one thing, finishing it off to be a masterpiece is a beautiful art and makes a quilt an heirloom to be cherished for years. You are a very gifted person to be able to do that, and make us all look in awe for hours, to all the detail you put into the quilt. You have actually inspired me to make more quilts for myself for a change so I can have you finish them and enjoy looking at them time and time again in my own home.”     T.

“I love the way you quilted my quilt!”   M.

“Looked over my daughter’s quilt….I love it.  You did a great job.  Thanks again.”    L.

“Wanted to thank you for a magnificent job on my quilt!”   J.

“I love the quilt! It looks so much better quilted- thanks for doing such a great job!”   C.

“You out-did yourself !”   M.

“The quilt is beautiful.  Thank you for your patience, care, and talent that are obvious in the finished product.  I look forward to working with you again.”  C.

“Wanted to thank you for a magnificent job on my quilt!”   J.

“I picked up my quilt today and I love it!”   N.

“Just picked up my quilt and you did such a beautiful job!!! Thank you sooo much…”   P.

“Thank you , Thank you.You did another magnificent job.”  J.

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