Finished is good, finished for a good price is even better. Has the economy taken its toll on you? Do you have a quilt that’s been waiting to be quilted since the Reagan administration?  Or maybe a quilt top that’s wallowing somewhere in between too good to throw out and just doesn’t merit professional treatment?


For the bargain basement price of 1 cent per square inch (shocking I know, but true) I will quilt it for you. You may now be asking what is the catch for such crazy pricing?!? It’s simple. The price does not include batting, and you have your choice of seven patterns.  They are Curvy Diamonds, Wavy Clams, Morocco, Meander, Wavy Waves, Cotton Candy, and The Garden. There are no size restrictions.

This is a permanent offer and does not expire.

$25.00 minimum charge.


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